5 Important PR Tips for Small Businesses

Here is a list five must-know PR tips for small businesses. Got any other tips to share? Feel free to let us know with a comment!

5. Publish good online content

Press releases and pitch letters are great, but the best way to attract customers is to go where they are. And where are they? Online. Having an informative blog or a great youtube video series will give potential clients and customers a reason to come back.

4. Comment on other’s online content

So you created a blog. But now what? How do you get people to visit? Get your company’s name out there by commenting on blogs, forums and chat rooms. But remember! Dont talk about your product, because then people will think you are spam or just trying to sell something.

Instead leave insightful and interesting comments that will make people who read the forum thread, chat or blog want to go visit your blog as well.

3. Talk about how you solve problems for your customers

People don’t just want to know what your product is, they want to know what it will do for them. Why is this product a necessity? Posting honest customer reviews or demonstrating how your company solves problems is a great way to accomplish this.

2. Know how to use search engines

Search Engine Optimization. It is the golden word nowadays, and a word that is perhaps destroying the witty headline in newsreports.

Knowing which key search terms people will use is essential to becoming visible on the Internet.

Make sure that you create content that will get high scores in a search. This includes tagging blog posts, putting key words in the title and the blog itself, and even tagging pictures with the key words.

1.  Lose the ego!

 The truth is, no one really cares about you or your product. They care about themesleves and their problems. How can your business affect them? Is it good for them? Why can they just not do without it? These questions are more important than how you have lunch with superstars or were valedictorian of your class.

To summarize, be online, communicate, and communicate about the customer!

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