5 Creative PR Ideas- Know Of Any Others?

Happy Friday! Here’s some fun and creative PR ideas to inspire you! Does your company have any creative PR ideas to share? Let us know!

1. Director of Fun

Talk about a go-getter! In this win-win situation, The National Railway Museum in the UK got to make a little boy happy and received plenty of attention in the news.

Six year old Sam Pointon applied for a job at the Museum and was hired instead as the Director of Fun. Read more here.

This was wonderful for publicity and made a great, inspring news story. Check out the section of their website dedicated to suggesting fun ideas to Mr. Pointon!

2. It’s Raining Wallets

When people in cities around the world found random wallets on the ground, they opened them to find about $40 worth of vouchers to Burger King. This PR tactic caused many bloggers to blog about the surprising experience, thus raising awareness and creating great PR for Burger King. 

The concept came from the idea that a new Burger King deal was almost like BK was putting money “back in people’s wallets”.

So did it work? This case study of Singapore seem to show it did.

As Isaacs PR Blog says, this PR tactic worked because it was unexpected, which caught people’s attention, and the timing was right, with the economy in a downturn.

3. Casual Fridays

In a blatant PR bid (perhaps too blatant), The Gap arranged for the New York Stock Exchange to allow employees to “dress down” as long as they wore a pair of the Gap’s 1969 Premium Jeans. A $20 discount for jeans purchased online ran at the same time.

Now the interesting part here is that it was part of the Gap’s 40th anniversary (they also got to ring the bell at the end of the day) and that this marked the first time in history that the Stock Exchange allowed employees to dress down.

The point seemed to be to hihglight the amazing journey of the Gap to where it is today, but does this really connect with customers?

Though this was creative, is it a good PR campaign?

4. Netting a job

The New Jersey Nets created a service for unemployed fans.

The fans could send their resume to the Net’s job bank and the Nets would try to link the applicants with their sponsors and affiliated businesses. The Nets also handed out free tickets to people who submitted their resume on a first come, first serve basis.

This is great PR since the Nets seem to be doing their fans a kindness. The hope is that their fans will remember this when they do get a job and start being able to afford tickets again.

5. Yummy Rebranding

When GotVMail rebranded itself as Grasshopper, Inc, someone got the great idea that people would love some chocolate covered grasshoppers!

 Grasshopper spent $67,353 on the campaign, which included sending a package of chocolate covered grasshoppers to 5,000 influential politicians, business leaders, journalists, authors and bloggers in North America. Attached to the package was a card printed with the phrase “Entrepreneurs can change the world” and a link to a video on YouTube.

This is our favorite creative campaign and it worked! Views on youtube increased dramatically and at it’s peak saw 8,000 views a day.  The company also gained almost 1 million followers on Twitter and have had their video shown at Universities and business meetings alike.

Video after the jump.

Special thanks to Sword and Script!

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