10 Helpful Hints for Engaging People (Your Stakeholders are People!)

For even more helpful hints, check out Paying it Forward, a great blog about helping people.

  1. People like to be acknowledged, not be ignored. 
  2. People like to learn, not be confused. 
  3. People like to be fair, not get cheated.
  4. People like to agree, not to be disappointed. 
  5. People like to be heard, not passed over.
  6. People like to be chosen, but not be put on the spot.
  7. People like to feel special, not run of the mill.
  8. People like to win, not be second best.
  9. People like to be with others, but not be told how to act.
  10. People like to share, not be dismissed.

How could you use these insights to interact with people on social media platforms?

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