Content Is King

A post on The Buzz Bin got me thinking about a very important lesson I’ve learned:  “Content is King”.

To be newsworthy, an organization’s content must be useful, interesting and relevant.

Here are three ways that content can affect PR goals and outcomes for any organization.


Content is what drives search engine optimization. According to Lee Odden, people (journalists included) are increasingly finding stories by using Google. Making sure that your web content, including media releases and blog posts, are SEO compatible is essential for your online reputation.

One easy way to accomplish this is for your client(s) to be an expert at what they do. Knowing the history of their field provides them with profound knowledge needed to speak on a subject.  Also, keeping up with current trends enables them to be at the forefront of what’s transpiring in their industry.

When a journalist is looking for information for a story about a particular field of study, your client should have hits in the first page of a Google search displaying their expertise and how to contact them for media inquiries. Your client can now be quoted as an expert in the story, all thanks to the appropriate use of content and SEO.

Social Media

As those of us who use Twitter can attest, sharing content is a big part of social media. People retweet interesting tweets, share appealing links or pictures on Facebook and LinkedIn and use websites like StumbleUpon to share content on the Internet.

In order to reach your network’s network, your content must be interesting enough to share, link, pin and retweet. This can benefit you by helping your message to reach a wider audience, getting your organization’s name out there, or branding your organization as an expert in the field. Through engaging content, social media can be used as a great medium for reaching your stakeholders.


Attaching your news to a current event is one of the easiest ways to get your press release picked up. Your content must also be relevant to the event, if it is a stretch for you then it will be a stretch for journalists.

That is why it is essential to be aware of current events and to stay on top of breaking news. Journalists are always eager to tie local events to large, global issues, so know your media market and always be prepared to tie your clients’ story to a larger story. Through timely content, you can increase the chances of a journalist picking up your media release.

Share Your Stories

These are just a few examples of the many ways that content is king. Good content is essential to any media release, both to it being found by journalists and to it being shared on search engines and social media platforms.

Can you think of any great examples of content being picked up for timeliness?

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