A Conscious Start to Your Week: Mark Horvath Helps the Homeless with WeAreVisible.com

A Conscious Start to Your Week is a weekly posting that is dedicated to highlighting those that are making a difference in our world and in the lives of others.  The goal of this weekly blog post is to inform our readers of important topics affecting society. Are you making a difference? Contact us at info@fireprgroup.com  to share your story!

This week we would like to introduce you to Mark Horvath, the creator of We Are Visible, a website dedicated to helping homeless people set up email, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as blogs. He is an advocate of empowering homeless people.

Horvath started the website after he realized the potential of technology to improve people’s lives. Although it may go against popular conceptions of homelessness, many homeless people have access to the Internet. This access can be utilized to help them find much needed resources and help.

Visit his blog to follow his journey around the country recording homeless people’s incredible, sad, or inspiring stories.

Mark Horvath’s Bio  

Mark Horvath knows about being homeless. He lived on the streets of Hollywood more than a decade ago, and, fours years ago, when he lost his job and his house in foreclosure, he essentially began recording homeless people’s stories and posting them online. Horvath’s ultimate goal for WeAreVisible.com would be to connect homeless agencies directly with the people seeking services, what he calls “virtual case management.” Connect with him on Twitter @hardlynormal.

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