PR is Not Free: The Real Value of Public Relations

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As James L. Horton states in his article What Does it Cost? The Value of PR Services, “There is no absolute value formula for public relations, and there never will be because value is variable.” Horton states, “Some of the reasons this value is so variable is because there are several components to the “benefit” received from public relations.”

PR, despite producing tangible products such as press releases, is really a service. For example, all press releases are not created equal. Press releases are written for various reasons and medium, but ultimately the purpose is to inform the public. Some may be great and newsworthy and some might be uninteresting. Some may take a few minutes to write and some may take days. There is no set standard for this product because it is actually the service of “writing” and service value is a subjective perception.

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4 Responses to PR is Not Free: The Real Value of Public Relations

  1. What do you do to educate potential clients, people or anyone who inquires about what you do in PR?

  2. PR is not just about writing a press release it is about much more. We as PR Professionals also have to promote, do damage control, interviews,and make sure that our client’s image is conducive to what they want it to be. We have to communicate with our clients about the important role they play in the process. Producing things that we need in order to get them where they want and need to be, reviewing and writing contracts, and that is not even half of what we as PR professionals are responsible for our clients. Clients may fully understand about the cost of PR. It is our job to educate our clients in understanding that a lot of what we do isn’t tangible. We provide a service that produces results.

  3. Whitney J says:

    People often forget that public relations is a service and it takes a certain type of person to successfully provide this service. The title of publicist belongs to someone who is outgoing, sociable, and persistent. These personal characteristics are not ubiquitous! These traits coupled with hard work and communications/writing skills are industry specific necessities. Therefore, they cost money. Public relations is an investment for any organization or brand that aims to be successful!

    • Thank you Whitney for your input.
      I agree PR is an investment for any business. Businesses that are focused on forming a targeted and long lasting relationship with their public will benefit from strategic PR services. Just as they have worked hard to develop their image, product or brand, PR Practitioners work just as hard to publicize and connect that image, product or brand with the public. PR services are not only critical to that businesses success, but an expense that is worth it.

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