Google+ Experts: Fact or Fiction?

I read a post today by Gini Dietrich that made me want to stand up and applaud.

With the launching of Google+ has come the declaration of multiple Google+ experts who ask for money in exchange for teaching the less-social-media-savvy.

The problem with this situation is outlined elegantly by Dietrich in one paragraph:

“But this is ridiculous. As of this writing, it has been 24 days since Google+ launched. That is not enough time to figure out a) if it has business applications, b) how it truly works for networking, and c) what it’s value is going to be. For heaven’s sakes. If it goes the way of Buzz and Wave, you’ll have wasted your money”

Dietrich recommends saving your money until we figure out how it fits a business strategy. She also offers to send you an invite if you don’t have it, so that you can learn it on your own without having to spend thousands of dollars having someone teach you.

What do you think about the article and her assessment of the situation?

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7 Responses to Google+ Experts: Fact or Fiction?

  1. David Jani says:

    Well I wonder if anyone here paid any money to learn about twitter,linkedin,facebook etc? and if that was value for money,I do how ever I agree that it is still early and maybe it is better to wait and see,I hope it is more of business network than a social one however

    • Thank you for your comments David. I agree there are plenty of social networks that people are trying to use as business networks. I just think Google is making an attempt to inject something “kinda” new into the mix. I wouldn’t necessarily pay a self proclaimed “Google+ expert” just yet.

      FIRE PR

  2. Mary Long says:

    I think that paying someone to train you on a platform that is still in beta is ill advised. I wrote a similar blog post on Google+, calling it the social media golden ticket, and encouraged folks to join and become their own expert! (I wouldn’t bank on it going away.) I’m also happy to send anyone an invitation =)
    Thanks for sharing this – you’ll save some folks money!

    • Thank you Mary for your comments.

      I enjoyed your blog post. It was straight to the point. I agree people should experience it for themselves before jumping into something that may not be needed. I will email you for that invite!

      FIRE PR

  3. coccytw says:

    I think Google has not clear what they want to do, when they will be able to do it and how they are going to do it. Your post ispired me to write this 😉

  4. Excellent Post!!!! You’re on target with Google being unclear and confusing. As your graphics (love them) indicate, they don’t appear to know how they want this to work. Those details should have been figured well in advance and explicitly articulated to users before launching.

    Holtz Communications spoke on Google + on their Hobson & Holtz Report For Immediate Release blog FIR and did a little experiment. Check it out here


  5. I’ll take a video of you standing up and applauding. 🙂

    Thank you for the support. I’m with all of the commenters here…it’s too early. Google doesn’t even know what they’re doing with Plus. Night before last, they went in and deleted any of the business accounts (like ABC News) that people snuck in.

    I’d be shooting myself in the foot to say you shouldn’t charge for your knowledge of a tool, especially if you have case studies and experience to back up how it works in a business setting. It’s just too early for G+.

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