Business Advice: Pitch Your Business

Ann Convery has some interesting advice on how to attract more business. She believes that one of the factors in receiving a response to a pitch is to appeal to the “lizard brain” or the part of the brain that takes care of basic needs. How does one do that? By telling someone what they want. You have to show potential clients why they need your business by appealing to a want of theirs.

Ann’s Technique

When someone asks you what you do, respond with a statement about them that involves an actual benchmark. This will be your pitch.

So instead of saying “I can get you more likes on Facebook” you would say “I can increase your customer service scores by 90% in four months”.

Now before you go around exaggerating, make sure that you actually have some data that backs up your statement. Research what benchmarks people in your field use to analyze the effectiveness of social media. Find some hard numbers and facts and utilize them when pitching your business.

Of course, as a PR person, it can be a lot harder to use quantifiable numbers for your work, but there are numbers that have to do with the tools you use in your job. To explain, the quote used above about 90% could actually be the potential of a Facebook page to improve customer service, not necessarily what you yourself have achieved in the past. This is something you would explain after the initial pitch that gains their attention.

What do you think?

What do you think of Ann’s technique? Do you think it is good advice, or unrealistic? What are some effective pitching techniques you use?

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