8 Myths of Social Media

I love this article by Katie Paine that discusses the myths of social media. Any small business (or even a large business!) can benefit from learning these myths. I also love how she ties in the history of the telephone and computer to give the issue some perspective. Please do yourself a favor and read the article!

The Eight Great Myths

  1. One person or department needs to own social media
  2. Social media is having a Facebook page
  3. Impressions mean people are aware of your product or message
  4. Having followers does not mean you are influencing people
  5. Having a lot of “likes” does not mean you are influencing behavior
  6. Engagement may not affect your ROI depending on your goals
  7. Sales may not be the most important part of social media
  8. How someone feels about your company may not affect your bottom line

Can you think of any others she may have missed? Do you agree that these are myths?



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