10 Pieces of Job Search Advice That Are Outdated?

Alison Green believes these ten pieces of job-search advice are outdated. Do you agree?

I agree with most, but some, such as how long a resume can be and about the objective, are advice career counselors and employees are still saying. For the objective, while most people have told me that they are outdated, I have also found that in large companies that use forms to receive resumes, they can be essential to figuring out which job you are applying for.

Also, the advice for the “weaknesses” question is not very helpful. It suggests trying something new, but offers no recommendations or tips. Do you have any?

Here are 10 pieces of job-search advice that are now outdated and you should ignore:

1. You must use a landline for a phone interview. 

2. Your resume can only be one page.

3. Every job has to go on your resume to present a complete account of your professional history. 

4. Include “references available upon request” on the bottom of your resume.

5. Include an objective at the top of your resume.

6. Invest in good resume paper.

7. Overnight your resume to get the hiring manager’s attention.

8. When your interviewer asks about your weaknesses, offer up a positive framed as a weakness.

9. Your resume and cover letter should be written in formal language. 

10. A few days after you submit your resume, call to schedule an interview.

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