Hurricane Irene: Connecting Despite the Crisis

Sitting safely in another country, I began to read the multiple tweets and Facebook posts about Hurricane Irene. Most of the posts were about the lack of power. It struck me as odd to see people still able to communicate online despite the lack of power and the huge storm raging around them. Thinking back to the last hurricane I experienced, Hurricane Isabel, I remembered the feeling of being totally cut off from everyone. Curious, I decided to look around the Web to see how businesses were handling the storm.

I found an article that actually directly pertained to my question. Yes, businesses were also using social media to keep in touch with employees and customers. I love how proactive companies like JetBlue were in using Twitter. When a customer complained about being disconnected on the phone, JetBlue asked them to DM them the situation so they could help.

Imagining all of the dedicated PR and communications folk answering and responding to what must have been thousands of angry, frustrated or worried customers makes me think of that disconnection of a few years ago. Instead of isolating people, Hurricane Irene displayed the strong connections between businesses and their customers.

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