Headlines For Dummies: Creating a Catchy Headline

I just read a very detailed article on how to write an eye-catching headline. Writing interesting headlines today is even harder than it was before the Internet, because bloggers and online journalists have to watch out for keywords for SEO.

In her article, Donina Ifurung mentions four key tips on how to capture the audience:

  1. Emotions sell
  2. Get rid of over-used words
  3. Address a need
  4. Form a bond with them

She then lists four more tips for crafting the message including knowing your target audience, reading other headlines, practicing and giving the audience what they want and then some.

Overall I found the article interesting, but it did not address the need for keywords or the balancing act many reporters and bloggers now face of using both keywords and catchy phrases in one symbiotic headline.

How do you find the balance?



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1 Response to Headlines For Dummies: Creating a Catchy Headline

  1. Hello! Thanks for reading my post and making reference to it. I started to address the importance of keywords for SEO, and realized that the blog post would have been way too long! I wanted to address headlines as a way to get readers’ attention. You are definitely spot on: finding the balance with using keywords and creating an eye-catching headline is a tightrope act in itself! How have you worked through that challenge?
    I appreciate your notice. Thanks! Donina Ifurung, On High Heels

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