Remember: A Presentation is Not About You and Other Tips for a great Presentation

As you gear up for your next presentation, remember that you should rarely say “I” after establishing yourself as qualified to speak on the topic. Your presentation is about the audience, not you. Here are some quick presentation tips:

  1. Qualify yourself briefly – the audience needs to know why they can trust you on the subject
  2. Body talks – keep eye contact as you scan the room and remember to take each period as a breath!
  3. Tell the audience what you are about to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you just told them.
  4. Three is the magic number – Say very important things three times throughout the presentation
  5. KIS it – Keep It Simple: stick to one main topic and make sure it is a strong and easy thread to follow throughout the presentation
  6. What is your audience going to get out of your presentation? If they aren’t going to get anything out of it, then there is no need to present on this topic
  7. Call to action – there should be something you want the audience to do at the end of the presentation. Tell them to do it!
  8. RELAX – many people are afraid of presenting, but remember that only you know what you are going to say. If you make a mistake, just fix it and move on.

Do you have any other tips for presenting?


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