Law Firm Name in Twitter Handle Is A No-No: What Else?

According to an article I read today, lawyers should use their own name in their Twitter handle, not the firm’s name. As I read the reasons, I wondered if this would hold true for other organizations.

For example, we at FIRE PR Group include FIRE PR as part of our twitter names to show that we are a team. I have also worked with other groups that suggested a handle change to show the team’s name. Another example is Fox network. Cleatus, the giant jumping robot on the screen during NFL games is @CleatusonFox on twitter, and other shows’ hashtags end in “onFox”.

One of the arguments O’Keefe mentions in the article about lawyers is that people tend to think you are marketing or trying to sell something if you have the firm’s name in your name. Considering that I have many more followers on my named account than on my FIRE account, this makes me wonder if it is perhaps true.

On the other hand, is it lying to the public if you don’t show them that you are connected with the organization or firm whose interests you are representing online?

What are your thoughts about putting the organization or business’ name in your twitter handle?

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