10 Reasons PR Pros Should Use Video

Do you use video? I thought I’d share this article explaining the different events or goals that would be enhanced through the use of video. Here are short summaries of the 10 reasons.

1. Pitches and press releases. Video gives journalists, bloggers and publications more content to share with their visitors.

2. Building trust and credibility with targeted groups. Video builds trust. Instead of reading a text quote from a company spokesperson, viewers are able to actually see that spokesperson speaking.

3. Raising brand awareness/promotions/working with celebrities. Videos that offer something of value—such as cash, prizes or 15 minutes of fame—can spread like crazy and highlight a product’s involvement in a contest or promotion, raising awareness of the product and, by extension, the brand.

4. Product launches. Viral videos and branded entertainment are high-profile ways to announce new products or refresh old ones.

5. Crisis management, shifting public opinion, corporate and CEO reputation management. Consider Domino’s President’s video apology in 2009 and BP’s chief executive Tony Hayward’s video apology in 2010. In both cases, the videos reached large audiences and supplied talking points for the media to propel the video messages further.

6. Content development. Company newsletters, blogs, speeches and annual reports are being sprinkled with videos.

7. Social media marketing. Having a PR message go viral across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other video sites and social outlets creates a new story that can then be pitched to, or organically picked up by, mainstream media outlets—enabling the message to reach TV, radio and print audiences as well.

8. Social and environmental responsibility. Video can bring the faces of individuals and positive actions of these companies to the forefront and help move brands closer to new and existing fans and customers. Video can also be used to present a call to action, or as a rallying cry for public involvement in a good cause.

9. Events. Although a single live event reaches only the people attending, social video enables PR teams to share the event with everyone.

10. Political campaigns. Political attack videos and damage-control videos can both contain humor, meaning or even shock value—and will be shared.

Do you use video? If not, why not?

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