Happy Monday: Did You Grab a Cup of Coffee to Help Start the Week?

According to a study of 4,700 U.S. workers, sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder,  marketing and PR professionals are the second-most caffeinated professionals, beaten only by scientists and lab technicians.

Top 15 professionals that need coffee to get through the day:

  1. Scientist/Lab Technician
  2.  Marketing/Public Relations Professional
  3. Education Administrator
  4. Editor/Writer
  5.  Healthcare Administrator
  6. Physician
  7. Food Preparer
  8. Professor
  9. Social Worker
  10. Financial Professional
  11. Personal Caretaker
  12. Human Resources Benefits Coordinator
  13. Nurse
  14. Government Professional
  15. Skilled Tradesperson (plumber, carpenter, etc)

Other fun workplace coffee facts:

  • Hotel workers, attorneys and judges are most likely to take their coffee black.
  • Human resources professionals and personal caretakers are most likely to enjoy their coffee with cream and sugar.
  • Editors/writers, government professionals and teachers are most likely to add flavor to their coffee.
  • Of the workers that turn to coffee to get through their day, the majority (61 percent) drink two cups or more each workday.
  • The workday coffee ritual is the strongest in the Northeast, with majority (49 percent), admitting to needing coffee while on the job.

Survey results highlighted an emerging trend of younger workers, aged 18 to 24, who claimed that coffee has helped their career by providing an opportunity to network with other co-workers.







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