Volume vs. Engagement: Level of Interaction on Social Media > Number of Followers

Tyler Cyr, Dunkin Donuts’  Web Communications Manager, explains the importance of social media engagement between companies and followers in this video. Many small companies assign social media responsibilities to an employee who, oftentimes, has to build the company’s online presence from scratch.

While neglecting your personal social networking accounts for several weeks without update or reason might be good during finals week, “disappearing” from cyberspace is not a smart idea for a company-no matter how small. In other words, it’s never enough to start a Facebook page, or send out a single tweet only to abandon the page. The key to establishing a successful social networking presence for a company relates to how well that company uses those social networks to relate and communicate with their customers and fans.

Quick tips for improving social media engagement:

  • Establishing a social media presence or improving preexisting social media networks takes time. Don’t give up even if it seems as though things are not improving over night.
  • Anticipating complaints from the public about your company can be a little unnerving but complaints can be helpful in improving weaknesses.  No matter how established an organization or company is, complaints will filter in from social media sites. This is part of the territory – you probably weren’t planning on grabbing lattes before work anyway
  • Make your fan-base feel important. Respond to tweets, Facebook posts, etc. in a timely and caring fashion.

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