Social Media on the Job

We probably hear or see the words “social media” more times a day than we can count.  With our first sip of morning coffee, queued tweets and Facebook updates, many of us are updating our social media profiles first thing in the morning – often for work purposes.

Social media, a prevalent component of most modern company structures, is banned in 67% of work places. As many of us use social media for professional purposes, this statistic might be quite surprising.

Earlier this week, Media Bistro featured an article stating that over half of young professionals would opt out of working for a company that bans on-the-job social media usage. Does this mean that young professionals simply want more flexibility to interact with their personal agenda at work or that younger employees have found a beneficial use for social media on the job?

In this article Media Bistro, Shea Bennett notes that marketing and IT professionals are the most common users of social media on the job, making up 33% of all users while most users prefer to visit Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in that descending order of preference.

Some companies believe banning social media promotes productivity within the office but others disagree. Some people argue that the bosses and CEOs of many companies and organization are simply uninformed about the benefits of using social media at work and the benefits their companies will reap from their employee’s continued ability to post, tweet, and share throughout the workday.

Should all employees be banned from using social media at work? What do you think?

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