Quick Tips: Keep Tweeting

According to current research from PR Newswire and digital marketing platform Crowd Factory, Twitter attracts more attention to press releases than Facebook.

In the article, Ken Dowell, EVP at PR Newswire confirmed in a statement that business professionals are aware that Twitter brings more traffic to press releases and that people commonly use Twitter to promote or share business and news related content.

The statistics for reader response to multimedia press releases are also featured in the article, with Twitter being the social media outlet winner.

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2 Responses to Quick Tips: Keep Tweeting

  1. dube says:

    That’s pretty interesting. I feel that Twitter is more accessible to the public. The amount of friends you can follow on Twitter has no comparison to the amount of friends (and how much they post) also searching for groups or companies isnt as smooth as it is on twitter where the most important thing you’re looking for is new information. That’s why the Facebook Feed is the most important part of the site, without it the site would not be as popular as it is. A few weeks ago there was a Web 2.0 summit where pioneers on the net discussed the future. One talk in in particular given by the creator of 4chan gives a convincing talk of how social media developed and where it is heading http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=e3Zs74IH0mc

    There is a good summary here as well: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/4chans_chris_poole_facebook_google_are_doing_it_wr.php

    And yes Twitter is the winner.

    I think the most important part of the article was the focus on non-textual information.

    “The study also found that multimedia components drive more traffic to a release than text only. Adding a photo increased engagement by 14 percent and adding a photo, video, and audio increased engagement by 3.5 times.”

    I feel like I only read articles nowadays that are shorter than 2 pages if they are all text otherwise I’ll instagram it or bookmark it for later. I find that as a blogger myself all text seems to scare people away but if you look at platforms like tumblr people can just post away pictures and videos and get enormus amounts of views. I believe it also dependent on the context that you are writing about but having non-textual media seems to get the point across easier than pure textual posts. To me this will be a common trend in the future as we have come from a generation of people raised on the television. There is an interesting book that describes this process to those interested (Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman). How presidential debates used to be 4-6 hour long debates and what defines a medium (“Drawing on the ideas of media scholar Marshall McLuhan ā€” altering McLuhan’s aphorism “the medium is the message”, to “the medium is the metaphor” ā€” he describes how oral, literate, and televisual cultures radically differ in the processing and prioritization of information; he argues that each medium is appropriate for a different kind of knowledge.”)

    Sorry for being long winded but I love this topic.

    One interesting post on my blog about Library of Congress to recieve the entire twitter archive http://justmyhumbleopinion.com/?p=1244

    • Thank you for your comment, I definitely appreciate it! I will be sure to read your blog. I would have to agree that people are driven by multi-media content and concise writing. The more a reader can interact with a post (be it through watching a video, sharing a comment, or finding new links), the more likely he or she will read the post completely.

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