Convergence: Introducing Social TV Apps & Consolidating Workplace Disciplines for 2012

For anyone considering isolating their PR team from their social media personnel – this article is just for you.

In her article Eight Social Media Trends for 2012, Spin Sucks’ Gini Dietrich highlights a few advancements in social media for the upcoming year.

Dietrich focuses mainly on the idea of consolidation. She lists the emergence of what may have been Steve Jobs’ last project: iTV. As media apps, such as Get Glue, become more popular, the idea of checking into a TV program, music, or movie and communicating about the program with other viewers may become a commonality. Media consumers may be one step closer to being fully integrated with other consumers about the information they are viewing and/or listening to.

Another profound trend about social media app integration is “The Integration of All Disciplines”.

If you have used Hootsuite or TweetDeck to save time and/or brand yourself while posting to several social media accounts, you are already using a more consolidated version of the original social media outlets many of us use for professional purposes. You’re smart phone? Another example of how our social media sources are now available to us across several means of technology to promote timeliness and efficiency.

For PR professionals, saving time while communicating via social media in a timely fashion is essential. However, many businesses still isolate their social media team from their marketing department who isn’t quite sure what the PR people do who have no idea what group sends what emails. Etcetera.

In other words, as our social media accounts have merged to make life a little more productive, disciplines across the office will as well – specifically those focusing on mobile, social, marketing, public relations, advertising, direct email, email, customer service, and sales responsibilities. In order to reach a common goal, coworkers will need to understand each others’ responsibilities and how those actions will factor into achieving the desired end result. And maybe it wouldn’t hurt if they could group-chat about last night’s TV lineup before arriving to work.

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