Symbols Causing Mixed Signals?

In yesterday’s post by Matt Rosoff in Business Insider’s tech section, Rosoff outlines the changes Twitter has made to make the site more user-friendly in the upcoming year. These additions include timelines with rich text, embedded tweets and searchable information via the infamous @ symbol and hash tag.

But maybe this symbol is not so infamous?

Rosoff explains that novice Twitter users may be confused, and therefore, inhibited about participating more actively on Twitter because they do not understand the meaning behind the @ and # symbols relative to the use of the site. In hopes of encouraging more user activity, Twitter has decided to make these symbols more visible by making them the point of contact for users to search for information about related topics and people.

Does this mean novice Twitter users will become more inclined to use the site effectively? Will Twitter gain respect of the wary?

What do you think?

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