Be Creative: Don’t Say You Are

You are no longer creative – if you say you are. More specifically, any creative merit you may have could vanish the minute you describe yourself as the quintessential example of this trait on your resume.

For those of us entering the workforce (and looking to begin a career in PR) or planning on transitioning from a current job in a writing-driven field, it is almost imperative that the verbiage on your resume reflects your ability to write well – and avoid trendy wording mishaps.

Today everyone is creative, dynamic, and organizationally gifted. To say employers find these traits undesirable is a lie; however, employers see hundreds of resumes from applicants gushing about these same seemingly impressive qualities. In Katy Steinmetz’ article Ten Buzzwords to Take Off Your LinkedIn Profile Now, Steinmetz highlights which words many of us abuse on LinkedIn’s list of most overused professional buzzwords. These words have lost their meaning and impact on resumes.  As a result, employers are probably pretty annoyed by them. Words/phrases on the list include:


Communication Skills

Problem Solving



Track Record

Extensive Experience



Avoid these words at all costs. LinkedIn says so. And so does your potential employer.

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2 Responses to Be Creative: Don’t Say You Are

  1. dube says:

    I think my resume needs to be redone entirely. I feel that now that computers are used to weed out the hackneyed resumes followed by the HR the resumes the keywords that you choose hold a lot of weight. Its a weight we need not bear. Thanks for the information!

    • Thanks for the comment, Dube. I agree with your comment. HR departments can receive hundreds –even thousands, depending on the size of the company – of resumes on a daily basis. Without aid from technology, browsing through all applicants’ resumes could become impossible. Why diminish your chances to be seen and/or heard by submitting a resume to a company that appears identical to a template online? It’s never enough to simply say you possess some kind of “good” work-related trait. It’s all about being specific about what you have accomplished and allowing others to pull information about your disposition from those examples.

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