“Like” Tops Annoying Word Poll

Like, whatever.

According to today’s PR Daily post by Michael Sebastian, the most annoying word of the year is “Whatever”. Not to worry, “Like” trails closely behind.

For the last two years these words have topped the lists for words that, above all else, evoke feelings of frustration and discontent at even a mindless mutter.


They are filler words. I should probably give credit to “actually” and “literally” as well. Though these words have meanings beyond (or in place of) bridging the gap between two poorly formed fragments, many of us rely on the “likes” and “whatevers” of the world to avoid the “ums” and “uhhs” we are supposed to hate—and never use.

Of course there are other reasons why many of us rely on these words so much but I automatically recall a scenario when I was standing in front of a room of people, nervous, and attempting to drag out one sentence’s worth of information across two minutes with a “like” or two.

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2 Responses to “Like” Tops Annoying Word Poll

  1. Nakeva says:

    Those are the filler words of choice and I try to avoid. Sometimes they can be appropriate in social conversation, however, not the best choice for our public speaking or writing. Thanks for the reminder! Happy Holidays Fire PR Group!

    • You are very welcome, Nakeva! Thank you for your comment! It is definitely easy to rely on filler words while we are talking. In casual conversation it’s not the end of the world but sometimes we become to comfortable in professional situations and speak as though we are talking to friends, etc. Happy Holidays to you as well!

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