Respecting all Communicators – Wednesday’s Resolution

Because PR professionals and journalists must work together, it is essential for PR pros to know what will make life a little easier for reporters.  To carry on our trend of avoiding potential fumbles in the New Year, we should be aware of the mistakes we make when interacting with journalists as to improve the relationships that could get us the publicity we need.

In Amanda Marsh’s post on she describes “seven common PR sins”.  Though there are seven in total, most of the sinful acts relate to sending reporters press releases unrelated to a reporter’s beat, emailing irregularly (or large) sized files, miscommunication via email, and a lack of respect for the reporter’s time and work.

In order to create positive (and mutually beneficial) relationships, both PR and journalism professionals owe each other respect above all else. As PR professionals it’s important to do research about reporters and what kind of content they cover prior to sending them press releases and other media material.


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2 Responses to Respecting all Communicators – Wednesday’s Resolution

  1. gioiahm says:

    I feel like all PR Professionals need to work in a journalistic atmosphere early into their career or prior to it. If you can write and think like a journalist, well then your job will be that much easier — the jobs are more similar then some might think, PR Professionals are kind of like biases journalist.

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree that former journalists often make the best PR professionals because they are aware of how to work and think like a journalist. Because of this they are often better prepared.

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