Publish, Promote & Manage: Selling Out Events with Eventbrite

If  Skillshare is to education,

Eventbrite is to promotion — and it gets better than this half-witted analogy.

Eventbrite is an online tool people can use to create professional event pages where they can use social media tools to promote the event, and monitor statistics related to the attendee’s opinions, actions, and behavior at the event.  By paying a fee, users of Eventbrite can collect money from attendees via Eventbrite’s credit card system, Paypal or Google Checkout.

PR professionals, though multi-talented, do not need to have extensive site-building knowledge with the use of this service, mainly because the event pages are modifiable in a non-web-designer-user-friendly way. Eventbrite users may also choose to leverage their page’s search engine listings as well as choosing from a series of embedded widgets and customized email marketing templates for promotion purposes. While you are tracking your attendees and planning your next event, you can rest assured people are finding you on Google–with ease.


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1 Response to Publish, Promote & Manage: Selling Out Events with Eventbrite

  1. Nakeva says:

    Eventbrite is a superb service for event management. I like the flexibility in customizing the event page and the SEO you mentioned. On the backend, and also key for PR professionals, you can build your list with the attendees. Something that may be useful is the third-party app integration such as Eventbrite with Mailchimp or even Facebook. I really like their application which makes it as simple or as customized and targeted as the user chooses for their set of skills. Excellent post Fire PR Group!

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